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Call for workshop proposals for 4th Annual Social Justice Education Fair


From Classroom Struggle TC
Dear students, parents and caregivers, educators, and community members,
We are now accepting workshop proposals, due September 4, 2015
We’re looking for quality workshops of all types by students, parents, school staff, educators, after school workers, and community members for this year’s theme *Decolonizing Our Schools: Building Asian, Black, Brown, and Indigenous Power*. Check out our website for more information about the theme and to submit a proposal.
Interested in getting involved in the fair in other ways too?
The Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair Organizing Committee

15 Per Hour at UPS


From 15 Per Hour at UPS

We hear people talking about it every night. “Shit, we should be making a hell of a lot more than we do for working this hard!” “They’re gonna have to pay me way better if they want me to do that!” And we all agree, but we also know that words alone won’t turn into raises. So last month some sturdy friends of Screw Ups braved the icy terrors of winter to collect signatures on a petition calling for a $15/hour starting wage at UPS, and a corresponding $5 raise for everyone. We weren’t surprised by the positive responses–nearly 100 signatures at both the Minneapolis and Eagan hub!–and it was great to see people getting fired up about making a real improvement to our jobs.

Making a push to raise wages at UPS without waiting 4 years for the next contract is certainly ambitious. But we all know how big of a difference an extra $5 per hour would make in our lives. And let’s face it; lots of us won’t even be working here in four years. We deserve better wages now, not when (and if) union and company negotiators feel like it. That’s why we’re going to fight for it. Nobody is promising we can make it happen. But we are promising to fight for it.

Whether you’ve been at UPS for a week, or a decade, or longer, you know that they always demand MORE. More accuracy, more speed, more sacrifice. This is especially true during peak season, when UPS relies on us most to keep the operation running and their profits flooding in. Year after year, we make billions of dollars for the company, and what do we get in return? Poverty wages (and the occasional pizza at break). This is what UPS thinks all of our hard work is worth. But we’re willing to bet that most of the time, and especially at Peak, the effort you put into your job goes far beyond what most people working part time jobs for $10 (or $11, or $12, or more) an hour give.
If we want to stop the daily wishing for higher wages, we have to get serious about it. We’re smart enough by now to know UPS won’t just give us things when we ask nicely. We have to show them what we’re worth. Show UPS what you think $10/hour work looks like, and they might start to understand what we’re worth. Keep it up, and they won’t have a choice but to find a way to show that our work is actually important to them.

It is going to take a big group of us putting pressure on UPS to get this raise. If you want to join in and work for better wages, we want you to get in touch with us! We are ready to start moving forward, and there are a few ways you can get involved right away. Check us out at or send an email to screwups[at]

First issue of the Incarcerated Worker


Introducing a new publication from the Industrial Workers of the World, the Incarcerated Worker! Over the last year or so, some prisoners in the U.S. and outside supporters have gotten together and formed the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee to address concerns such as prison labor and conditions.


  • The IWW by Sean Swain
  • Biographical Profile: Dennis S. Boatwright, Jr. by Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
  • Understanding the Role of Prisoner Intellectuals by Dennis S. Boatwright
  • Forgotten Warrior Waits on Death Row By Isa Abdur-Rasheed
  • Lynching: Then and Now By Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
  • Induced Failure By Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
  • Crime and Punishment by Bomani Shakur
  • A Flicker Turns into a Flame: Alabama’s Prisoners want change by The Free Alabama movement


IWW snapbacks!


Like the IWW? Like snapbacks? Want a union-made IWW snapback? The Twin Cities IWW has them available for $30 plus shipping & handling!

Available here:

An important message from our upcoming newsletter: SCREW UP BLACK FRIDAY!!!!


From ScrewUps Newswire Facebook page

On Black Friday this year, UPS workers are getting the worst deal of the year. Instead of relaxing at home, enjoying a long weekend, and stocking up on the cheapest retail merchandise of the year, we all get to go to work on a contract-guaranteed holiday! How ‘bout that for “holiday cheer”?

UPS is very likely going to make a shitload of money by adding an extra shift during peak season. How do they get away with it? Article 15 of the Central Region contract supplement guarantees seniority employees eight paid holidays, including Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). But when you look at Section 4 of Article 15, the Teamsters clarify that any employees can be required to work on any of these eight holidays, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, almost nothing. As part of the Screw Ups peak season survival guide, here are some ways to SCREW UP Black Friday and make UPS pay for calling us in.

Teamsters Central Region and UPS Supplemental Agreement to the National Master UPS Agreement, Article 15, Section 4: “Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, regular seniority employees required to work on any of the above named holidays [which include the day after Thanksgiving] shall receive double his/her regular hourly rate for all hours worked with a guarantee of eight (8) hours for full-time employees and four (4) hours for part-time employees. Also, no employee shall be required to work on Labor Day unless authorized by the local union.”

Slow Down. We say this pretty often, but on Black Friday it is particularly important. This is an extra day for UPS to turn a profit, and chances are they are going to try to push us harder than on any regularly scheduled shift. What is the best way to show the company you’re pissed about them stealing one of your vacation days? Cut into their profit as much as possible. We’re getting paid double our usual rate, so we’ve got to make it count. Don’t let UPS pull their usual corner-cutting bullshit that keeps our hours at a bare minimum. If they can push a high volume of packages through at the usual rate, UPS is going to hit the jackpot. Before you know it, they’ll start doing this on every “holiday.” Black Friday is a holiday: so take a break, relax, and work slow.

Ask for your minimum hour guarantee. Try to get as many hours as you can bear. Your supervisor won’t tell you that you are entitled to at least four hours (eight for full timers) of work that day. Maybe they’ll even tell you that it is only 3.5 as usual. If you get cut before reaching the minimum hours, let your sup know that you want four hours and that they are required to find you work until that minimum is fulfilled. Since you’ll be working slow anyways, chances are you will be getting over four hours already, but the more people who hit that mark, the less money the parasites in suits will make off of our work. If Black Friday profits are significantly lower than what UPS hoped to see, they will have to think twice before pulling this shit again next year. When it gives us tools, we should be prepared to wield the contract as a weapon against the company’s greed.

But what good is a contract that “guarantees” us a certain number of paid holidays, but then allows the company to cancel those holidays without our approval? UPS relies on us to get the work done, then treats us like the dog shit on the bottom of a boot. Fuck that. We need to be the boot giving the company a swift kick in the ass, dog shit and all.

East Side Freedom Library in St. Paul “Raise the Roof” fund

Tsione Wolde-Michael reads in front of a crowd at East Side Freedom Library’s Juneteenth event, which celebrates African-American emancipation. About 100 people attended the event, one of three the library has hosted this summer. Source: Twin Cities Daily Planet

Tsione Wolde-Michael reads in front of a crowd at East Side Freedom Library’s Juneteenth event, which celebrates African-American emancipation. About 100 people attended the event, one of three the library has hosted this summer. Source: Twin Cities Daily Planet

The Twin Cities IWW recently donated $200 towards the fund to repair the roof of the East Side Freedom Library. The ESFL is a not-yet-open research resource in St. Paul, which will focus on the history of the east side of St. Paul, as well as African American history, the immigrant experience and working class studies and literature. To contribute to the ‘Raise the Roof’ fund, click here. To find out more about the East Side Freedom Library, check out their website and Facebook page.

POSTPONED: Junior Wobblies Yard Sale!


Come support the Junior Wobblies summer camp and pick up some great yard sale treasures. All proceeds go to programming for a summer camp & education program for working class kids & families held annually in the Iron Range of Minnesota.

770 Hamline Ave N, St Paul, MN
Saturday, June 6, 2014



Help Black Rose Press Open Up Shop

Black Rose Press is opening a screen printing shop/storefront in South Minneapolis. Please help us make this project a success.

We are a worker-owned, cooperative print shop, as well as an IWW union shop. The building was purchased this winter, and since then we have been working with the city, architects, and contractors to get ready for a big summer of renovations.

The building will serve as our printing studio, with multiple presses and various pre-press processes. The front room will also have space for retail. The building also has a seperate unit that will be rented out to generate income for the cooperative.

Our hope is to see this sturdy, yet neglected building become a permanent space for a cooperative business, specifically our small union print shop.

What We Need
We are looking for a little extra help to finish the renovations. Any support you can give us goes a long way.

If you’re interested in helping fund this project, visit their IndieGoGo!