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Exhaustive list of IWW pamphlets


UPDATE 2/28/15: Added 50 titles.

UPDATE 8/19/14: Added 21 titles. Cleaned up some formatting. Put ‘Unknown/Unclear Dates’ in alphabetical order.

UPDATE 8/3/14: Added 5 titles to list. Corrected date on 1 title. Added 1 more  to the criteria.

Here’s a list of IWW pamphlets. Most have links to PDFs or text, some may not be on the internet yet. Recognizing this is a work in progress, if you have information on pamphlets that aren’t on this list, please let us know in the comments!

Here is the following criteria for this list:

Must be more than 8 pages (any less and it is more a leaflet than a pamphlet)

Must be under 100 pages (beyond that I think it can be considered a book).

Must be put out by some official body of the IWW (or consist of material that was) or independently, by IWW members, as long as it is about, for or aimed at other IWW members or people who may be interested in the union.

Must be directed more outward than inward (so pamphlets on how to do delegate tasks, fill out paper work or run a meeting are, for the most part, excluded).

-Must be in English (other languages should be a separate list/project) Read more

Two new pamphlets of Twin Cities IWW writing


Both of these pamphlets were made about a year or so ago, but fell by the wayside somehow. The first one, ‘Towards a union of organizers’ challenges the sentiment that someone’s workplace is impossible to organize and gives some examples of preliminary steps one could take. It was originally written by db for The Organizer in April 2012. This pamphlet also includes an editorial written in 1913 for the Industrial Worker newspaper, about a strike in Duluth. Thanks to Grace Parker for finding that!

The second pamphlet included here is called ‘Small time unionism’. Written by Kevin S, for The Organizer in July 2012, he talks about the contradictions between being a union with more experience with smaller employers and growing to be able to exert power on bigger targets.

Note: These are meant for printing, and are ‘imposed’, which means the pages alternate in a way so they end up consecutively when you fold them to make the pamphlet.

Towards a union of organizers + Duluth 1913 editorial (PDF)

Small time unionism (PDF)