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Two new pamphlets of Twin Cities IWW writing


Both of these pamphlets were made about a year or so ago, but fell by the wayside somehow. The first one, ‘Towards a union of organizers’ challenges the sentiment that someone’s workplace is impossible to organize and gives some examples of preliminary steps one could take. It was originally written by db for The Organizer in April 2012. This pamphlet also includes an editorial written in 1913 for the Industrial Worker newspaper, about a strike in Duluth. Thanks to Grace Parker for finding that!

The second pamphlet included here is called ‘Small time unionism’. Written by Kevin S, for The Organizer in July 2012, he talks about the contradictions between being a union with more experience with smaller employers and growing to be able to exert power on bigger targets.

Note: These are meant for printing, and are ‘imposed’, which means the pages alternate in a way so they end up consecutively when you fold them to make the pamphlet.

Towards a union of organizers + Duluth 1913 editorial (PDF)

Small time unionism (PDF)

New editorial statement and plans for The Organizer

IWW bloc and cold 2011 May Day march

IWW bloc at cold 2011 May Day march

Hello all,

This is the incoming editor of The Organizer, the official blog of the Twin Cities General Membership Branch (GMB) of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). I thought it would be good to post an update and lay out some plans for the next year.

First of all, as sort of a ‘guiding spirit’ to govern this blog and the material it publishes, here is a new editorial statement.

The Organizer is the official blog of the Twin Cities General Membership Branch (GMB) of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). We seek to be an active resource for the Twin Cities IWW, not only publicizing its activities, but promoting an intellectual culture of working people who aim to fundamentally change our society. Along with our organizing efforts, which are a priority, reflections and accounts of our experiences will help build towards our goals. We welcome all writing and perspectives on both the IWW and the wider situation and experience of working class people in the Twin Cities.

With this in mind, here are some more specific types of articles that could be run on this site.

Press releases/event announcements – the Twin Cities GMB usually has multiple campaigns and several public events every year.

Reportbacks – articles about events, pickets, protests or other such activity that members of the Twin Cities IWW are involved in.

Stories about organizing and work life – accounts of fighting back against the bosses and/or how work effects our daily lives.

Opinion/analysis – articles written that analyze what we do, how we do it and ways to do it better.

Pamphlet series – if possible, I’d like to release 3 pamphlets of original Wobbly writing in the next year.

“Blast from the past” – republishing articles from the print version of The Organizer, as well as getting accounts of past campaigns that now only exist as oral history.

Local issues – things happening in the Twin Cities area of relevence to the IWW and its members.

-The Organizer editor